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Differentiating Textbooks (4-12)

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Differentiating Textbooks (4-12)

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Strategies to Improve Student Comprehension and Motivation

by Char Forsten, Jim Grant, and Betty Hollas

If you use textbooks as part of your curriculum you need to have this book!

This easy-to-use resource provides over 80 step-by-step strategies for you to use with your textbooks to help build comprehension while also keeping students` interest high. With one strategy per page you can easily access information on:
How to select textbooks and how to modify the ones you already have
How to quickly organize students into heterogeneous pairs and small groups in some different and interesting ways
Strategies to use before, during and after reading textbooks
Ways to change how expository information is conveyed and presented to students
Activities that help increase vocabulary, activate prior knowledge, and enable students to make connections to the text

Helpful graphics accompany each strategy and activity, along with a materials list and step-by-step directions. With Differentiating Textbooks in hand, you will learn how to teach the student, not the textbook.

160 pp.