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E-Book Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is an e-book?

Answer: E-book is short for electronic book, a digital version of a print book. Crystal Springs Books e-books are available as PDFs and may be read on either a PC or a Mac, as well as on various e-readers. If you are using an e-reader, please make sure you have downloaded the appropriate software from the website of the e-reader.

Question: What's the difference between an e-book and a projectable?

Answer: Both are provided in PDF format, but they're intended for different purposes. Broadly speaking, an e-book is something you may want to read on your computer or e-reader. A projectable contains material (often color reproducibles) that are intended for projection in the classroom.

Question: How can I see for myself what I’d be getting with a particular e-book or projectable?

Answer: Click here. Once there, click on the title of the book you want to see and then scroll down; you'll find a link that will allow you to download a sample from that specific product.

Question: So what's an interactive product?

Answer: As the name suggests, this is a product with which your students can interact. It might be a game (or series of games), for example, that can be played on an interactive whiteboard or computer.

Question: Why would I purchase both a print and digital version of a Crystal Springs Books title?

Answer: By bundling a Crystal Springs Books paperback and e-book, you can take advantage of the best of both media. You can take notes, highlight favorite passages, and bookmark your paperback and then keep it on your desk or bookshelf for easy reference. Your e-book allows portability; simply load the e-book on your laptop or e-reader so you can read your e-book in the office or at home, while traveling, on the beach—essentially anywhere you take your laptop or e-reader.

Question: What if I want multiple copies to use within my school or district?

Answer: If you're interested in more than five electronic copies of one title, your best option would be to buy a site license. A site license allows you to download one copy for each teacher in your school. (If you want to share beyond your school, please call our Sales Department toll free at 877-388-2054 to enquire about a district site license.)

Question: What software do I need to read my Crystal Springs Books e-book or projectable?

Answer: You’ll need an updated version of Adobe Reader to view your Crystal Springs Books e-book, which will be downloaded as a PDF (portable document format). If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it free of charge from If you would like to load your Crystal Springs Books e-book on your e-reader, please refer to your e-reader’s website to learn how to transfer the PDF to your e-reader.

Question: What software and hardware do I need for my Crystal Springs Books interactive product?

Answer: These products use Adobe Flash Player, which is built into the product. They will not work on an iPad, but they will play on a PC or a Mac. They are also designed for use on a SMART Board, and on Promethean or any other interactive whiteboard.

Question: How do I download my Crystal Springs Books electronic product?

Answer: It depends on what you’ve ordered.

For a single copy of an E-book, Projectable or Interactive Product: After you place your order, you will be shown a confirmation page. The page includes a message "Go to My Downloadable Products". Click on the highlighted text.  You will be brought to a page called "My Downloadable Products." You may also log in to our website and then access the "My Downloadable Products" from the links on the left-hand side of the webpage.

All your products will be listed. Right click on the hyperlink (either "E-book" or "Application") next to the title you wish to download.

Save the file:

  • Internet Explorer - Choose "Save Target As" from the pop-up menu.
  • Firefox - Choose "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu
  • Chrome - Choose "Save Link As" from the pop-up menu
  • Safari - Choose "Download Linked File As" from the pop-up menu
Specify where you wish to save your e-book, and click on save.  Your E-book will download. When it is complete, you may navigate to where you saved the book and open it.

Note that if you purchase an interactive product, the file that you download will be a zipped file. Just unzip it to get the executable file(s) and you'll be ready to go.

For multiple copies of one title: You may download the product multiple times from the "My Downloadable Products" page as described above.

For a site license: Download the product one time from the "My Downloadable Products" page as described above. You can copy the download to a flash drive and share it with your colleagues within the building.

Question: Once I purchase an e-book, projectable, or interactive product from Crystal Springs Books, how long will it be available?

Answer: Once you’ve purchased a Crystal Springs Books e-book, projectable, or interactive product, it is yours. Just remember to save it to your PC or Mac, and as long as you continue to store it on your computer or e-reader you can read it (or play the games) at any time. We recommend that you download your product within a week of purchase.

Question: What happens if I have an e-book, projectable, or interactive product on my hard drive, and the hard drive dies?

Answer: Be sure to back up your e-books as you do your other files so that, if your hard drive dies, you can restore your e-book or projectable. (In the case of interactive product, we recommend backing up the zipped file.) If you have problems restoring your file, please contact us at or at 800-321-0401 (M–F/8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. ET).

Question: Can I download my e-book, projectable, or interactive product multiple times?

Answer: Unless you buy a site license (see earlier question), you can download your electronic product only one time. However, once you have downloaded your purchase, you may store it on several devices that you own. This means you can have a copy on your PC at work, on your Mac at home, and on your e-reader anywhere.

Question: Can I store my e-book, projectable, or interactive product on several devices?

Answer: Yes. Once you have downloaded your purchase to your PC or Mac, you may copy it onto other devices that you own. You can have a copy on your PC at work, on your Mac at home, and on your e-reader anywhere.

Question: Can I e-mail my e-book, projectable, or interactive product to friends and colleagues?

Answer: No, you may not share your purchase with anyone else unless you buy a site license. Sharing an electronic product is not like sharing a paperback. When you share a paperback with a friend, you still have only one copy. Sharing an e-book, projectable, or interactive product actually duplicates the product, which violates copyright law and denies the author the ability to make money from this second, unsold copy of his or her work. If you would like to purchase multiple electronic copies of a single title so that you can send an e-book, projectable, or interactive product to a friend or colleague, simply enter the number of copies you wish to purchase in the Add to Cart box on our website. Or, if you would like more than five copies of a single title, your less expensive option would be to purchase a site license or district site license and share the product with as many teachers as you would like within your school or district.

Question: Can I print my e-book or projectable?

Answer: You may print one copy of your e-book for your own personal use. However, it may be less expensive—and less time-consuming—for you to purchase our print/e-book combo, which is available for a discounted combination price. Please refer to the product page of the title you are interested in to find out what the print/e-book combo costs. Buying the print book rather than printing your e-book also provides you with a better reading experience, because the paperback has been designed to optimize the experience of reading on paper. You cannot give away a copy that you print or share it with anyone else, because this violates copyright law. If you are interested in distributing copies for a class, workshop, etc., please e-mail .

Question: What is your return policy for e-books, projectables, and interactive products?

Answer: If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at within 90 days of purchase, telling us why you are dissatisfied, and we will refund the purchase price of the e-book. We do reserve the right to deny refund requests from any customer deemed to be abusing this refund policy.

Question: How do I get help if I have a problem ordering or downloading an electronic product?

Answer: If your question has not been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section, please e-mail us at . We will respond to your question within twenty-four hours. If you would prefer to talk to a customer service representative, please call us at 800-321-0401 during business hours, Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. EST. If you call after business hours, please leave a message on our secure voice mail, and we will call you back the next business day.

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