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Animal School (on CD)

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Animal School (on CD)

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  • Animal School (on CD)

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by George H. Reavis

Here`s the story of a frustrated rabbit, a debilitated duck, a struggling squirrel, and an errant eagle who have the same problem as do thousands of students. They are all suffering in an educational system that gives little to no regard to their individual strengths and learning differences.

Written by a former assistant superintendent, this full-color, fable`s message reminds us that sweeping education reforms that neglect to recognize students as unique individuals and learners will, undoubtedly, set our students up to fail.
Powerpoint Presentation on 1 CD

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98SE; Windows 2000 SP3; Windows ME; Windows XP

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or greater/Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

800 MHz or faster CPU, 512 MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive, 1024x768 minimum screen resolution.

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