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Stella Tells Her Story

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Stella Tells Her Story

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  • Stella Tells Her Story
  • Stella Tells Her Story
  • Stella Tells Her Story
  • Stella Tells Her Story
  • Stella Tells Her Story

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Janiel Wagstaff

Illustrations by Dana Regan

Stella has a story to tell. (Ms. Merkley says everyone does.)Today, Ms. Merkley announced, is the perfect day to start writing narratives. Max has the story about his puppy, and Tineka is ready to retell her catfish adventure. But what topic will Stella choose? The time she got cupcake batter in her hair? Her trip to the amusement park? And how will she write it? What happened first, next, last... ? Stella loves to write. Go with her on a writing journey as she relives and retells a heartwarming story.

"Not only are these books ideal for helping students master the standards for writing, but will serve as a great reference tool throughout the year. What I especially loved are the insights into how skilled writers writewhat they think about at each step of the process, how they revise, the questions they ask themselves, the time they take to get it right. This is a must-have writing resource for teachers and Stella will quickly become a primary-grade students favorite writing mentor!"-Wiley Blevins (Author, educator, researcher)

32 pp.

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