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Teach Like a Techie with Apps!

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Teach Like a Techie with Apps!

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  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
  • Teach Like a Techie with Apps!

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Site License Teach Like a Techie w/Apps! (K-8)
E-Book Combo-CC Math in Action (K-2)
E-Book-Teach Like a Techie w/Apps! (K-8)
Teach Like a Techie with Apps!
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Detailed Description

20 Powerful iPad® Apps You’ll Use Every Day

by Lori Elliott, EdD, “The Accidental Techie”


Available in print (192 pp.), as an e-book, in a combo of print and e-book, and as a site license.

Lori has explored the sometimes-overwhelming universe of apps to find those that bring far more than bells and whistles to your classroom. These are apps that truly support meaningful learning—every day and in multiple ways.

Use Lori’s discoveries to create engaging, effective lessons that encourage higher-level thinking. Follow her tips to get the most out of every iPad in your classroom—whether you have one or twenty. Learn how to assess iPad work and keep students accountable. Quickly evaluate new apps with a simple checklist, and follow Lori’s easy management tips to conquer the chaos that can come with new technology. With the Accidental Techie as your guide, you’ll engage those young techies and raise learning to new heights!

Notes: Our e-books are in PDF format and can be viewed on your computer or on any compatible reading device. This book includes extensive illustrations. To take full advantage of those graphics, we recommend viewing on a large screen. If you need more than 5 electronic copies, you might want to consider purchasing a site license.

You can download your e-book only one time. However, once you have downloaded your purchase, you may store it on several devices that you own. This means you can have a copy on your PC at work, on your Mac at home, and on your e-reader anywhere. You may not share an e-book with other users. If you purchase a site license, you may copy the downloaded product to your network or to a flash drive and share it with colleagues within the building.

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