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Writers' Guidelines

Crystal Springs Books publishes materials for PreK–12 educators, and we welcome both teachers’ and administrators’ viewpoints. Our books are informative and comprehensive resources designed so that the busy classroom teacher can easily locate desired information and readily use the techniques described. Crystal Springs Books does not publish children’s books or fiction.

Topics: We are interested in considering manuscripts that are suitable for both the primary (PreK–3) and intermediate (4–8) grades, and proposals for ancillary products used for teaching, such as Word Whackers, Phonics Phones, highlighting tape, and Wikki Stix. CSB publishes professional books dealing with instructional strategies for all curriculum areas, but books that concentrate on theory and have a textbook style are not appropriate for our needs.

What to Submit: Please submit a book proposal, a comprehensive outline, and two sample chapters. Include information about your professional background and how these credentials have given you the expertise or experience to write on your proposed topic. Also include your target audience (i.e., administrators or teachers) and the grade level(s) your manuscript addresses.

How to Submit Proposals and Manuscripts: Submit a typed, double-spaced copy on paper, or save as a Word document and e-mail the file to Please keep a copy for your records.

Permissions: The author is responsible for obtaining and paying (if necessary) for permissions for work not copyrighted in his/her own name.

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